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Last Night I got another of my weird dreams about Carnelia Gethil… it was Autumn…and it left me in a very nostalgic mood…

It’s Autumn Again

It’s autumn again
Leaves whisper the sound of our past
In loss they pay a descent
To the ground we fall

It’s autumn again
Our song is sung by the wind
Echoes of loss and grief
Through chilled air we wade

It’s autumn again
The waters grow as cold as our hearts
We are alike – crusted in ice
In ourselves we freeze

It’s autumn again
Flowers vanish from our sadness
Our beauty grows weak
Covered in frost we wither

It’s autumn again
The rain falls like our tears
Can’t dry our eyes
From the sky we descend

It’s autumn again
The sun shines then fails like us
Our sight becomes a wintry gray
Lost in darkness we will fade

It’s autumn again

(poem from

Entry for “Aion Harvest Revel Virtual Pumpkin Carving 2014.”
(more screens of Halloween theme soon )

"Dear Trinith,

I am so glad that you do what you love once again and I hope you can teach me some of those fighting dragon techniques next time we meet.

I had some real fun time last week with my friends from legion.

We captured Prades Fortress and then my real good friend make me a photo session inside the fort…it was night so the sky was really beautiful and it was real fun!

I am sending you some copies of pictures he edited for me.

They are great aren’t they?!

I hope to see you soon!

With love


I decided to continue my training in Ancient Dragon Fighing Style …next step is the concentrated meditation to achieve a high level of focus…so that I can connect my mind to the conciseness of a dragon…

"…Agitation from within
robs one of reflection
and clarity of vision.
In this state of mind,
it is of course impossible
to act with presence of mind.
The right thing, then,
is to keep still
until balance is regained…”


Aion Fan Creation Contest Winners | Aion Online

   I am very Excited About this

so I will share it with you all my friends :D

(despite of my usual posts as Trinith diary)

I won in Aion Fan Creation Contest!!!

I really didn’t expect it !!

I am happy and I hope all my followers will be too with me!

Thank you for all your support I am here for you guys :D

*hugs and kisses*

I’ve got a dream last night…
…The moon was shining so bright 
…and then I saw her in the light…
…when I looked closer she was by my sight…
A winter fairy whispered in my ear…
…”Do not be afraid child your destiny is near”…
…and she disappear…
(poem written by me for Lhyric - I hope you will like it )
(picture edited for Lhyrics request - orginal is on her blog

Aion Fan Creation Contest: Video Trailer

"Dear Trinith,

I was inspired with your last letter in which you told me about your diving adventure and I decided to go to the Pernon beach myself and play in the sand with my beloved kitty family !

We had a great fun time ,

my babies are so cute and I love them so much!

I am glad that you are feeling better.

I hope we will see each other soon.

With love Kyanite and my kitty family .”

I decided to do something fun this summer…so I went scuba diving near Spire Isle shore in Pernon…and it was great! …I didn’t realize how amazing the underworld is…deep sea wonders…oh what an adventure!…

I had a real terrifying nightmare last night…I woke up so scared and with tears on my chicks…and what was strangest about it was that Carnelia was in it…and it was like she was trying to sent me a massage through this horrible dream…I need to calm down…I was never this terrified in my life…

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