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Aion Fan Creation Contest Winners | Aion Online

   I am very Excited About this

so I will share it with you all my friends :D

(despite of my usual posts as Trinith diary)

I won in Aion Fan Creation Contest!!!

I really didn’t expect it !!

I am happy and I hope all my followers will be too with me!

Thank you for all your support I am here for you guys :D

*hugs and kisses*

I’ve got a dream last night…
…The moon was shining so bright 
…and then I saw her in the light…
…when I looked closer she was by my sight…
A winter fairy whispered in my ear…
…”Do not be afraid child your destiny is near”…
…and she disappear…
(poem written by me for Lhyric - I hope you will like it )
(picture edited for Lhyrics request - orginal is on her blog

Aion Fan Creation Contest: Video Trailer

"Dear Trinith,

I was inspired with your last letter in which you told me about your diving adventure and I decided to go to the Pernon beach myself and play in the sand with my beloved kitty family !

We had a great fun time ,

my babies are so cute and I love them so much!

I am glad that you are feeling better.

I hope we will see each other soon.

With love Kyanite and my kitty family .”

I decided to do something fun this summer…so I went scuba diving near Spire Isle shore in Pernon…and it was great! …I didn’t realize how amazing the underworld is…deep sea wonders…oh what an adventure!…

I had a real terrifying nightmare last night…I woke up so scared and with tears on my chicks…and what was strangest about it was that Carnelia was in it…and it was like she was trying to sent me a massage through this horrible dream…I need to calm down…I was never this terrified in my life…

Yesterday I had a dream about Carnelia…everything in it was like in an old movie…she was a mysterious lady on the beach…I have a feeling that this dream meant something very important to me…why I keep thinking about her?…even in my dreams…who is she my lord ?…please Azphel bring me the answer…

Yesterday I was sent to Katalam Heavenly Falls to collect Pure Holy Water for new Fenris recruits purification ceremony. I can’t get enough of Katalam beautiful nature.I feel really connected to Aion when I am surrounded with all of his wonders. I took some of the water for Wolferio. I hope it will help him heal faster.I want him to be cured and strong again. I am dreaming of us fighting side to side…may the Azphel shadow guide us and may Aion help us…

"Dear Trinith,

How are you dear? I haven’t heard from you for a long time now.

 I hope you are ok.

In my life everything is great. Last week I traveled on battleship Habrok to Tiamaranta.I had a mission to collect some Magical Unicorn Tears in Edendel . We will use them in our newest healling potions for troops in Katalam. My music as always did the gerat job and this beautiful lake was so amazing that didn’t want to levae it.

Please write to me soon because  I am worring about you.

With love


Elegant mistress of the lake how
you dance with beauty, you spread
your wings outwards to show those
why you wear the crown, you feathers
always whiter than the clouds.

You are the queen that others do
follow, pure in colour and agressive…
in sound, if other do not show you
the respect the queen of the
lake, sentenced to the shore
never to swim in the deep, only shallow
waters aslong as the queen is around.

Elegant queen of the lake always
dressed in your white gown, those who
respect you always beaks lowered,
for you show your wings feathers
stretched out, to show all around
the majasty that is the swan the lake
queen in her pure white gown…”


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